travel sickness

Travel Sickness

TRAVELBAND works effectively, without drugs, reducing or eliminating completely the unpleasant symptoms of nausea brought on by travel sickness:

  • In Cars
  • In Aircraft
  • On Boats
  • On Buses
  • On Cruise Ships
  • During Pregnancy
  • During Chemotherapy Treatment 
  • During Post-Operative Care
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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, by plane, car, boat or train, suffering from travel sickness is an unpleasant experience. Even riding on a camel or an elephant can cause travel sickness and lead to dizziness, vomiting and nausea. 

Travel sickness in any form is usually caused by confusing messages received by the brain. It can be compared to reading in a vehicle while traveling on a winding road. Your eyes see actually very little travel, because you are reading, but your inner ear detects the vehicle's movement. The brain receives two types of conflicting messages from the eyes and equilibrium (inner ear). This confuses the brain and it sends conflicting messages to other organs, which in turn cause you to feel uncontrollably ill.

Early indicators of an oncoming bout of nausea are:

  • Signs of a headache
  • Unexplainable quietness, carelessness
  • A "light and aloof" feeling
  • A dry and funny tasting mouth
These feelings are followed by uncontrollable rushes of vomiting and an overall sick feeling.
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